Oh my god I’m so dumb and it took me forever to realize its color coordinated THIS IS GREAT


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Favorite routines: Viktoria Komova

vault: 2008 voronin cup 2009 jr international AA 2010 YOG AA 2011 worlds TF 2012 olympics quals 2012 olympics TF

bars: 2008 unknown mee2009 voronin cup 2009 EYOF 2009 jr international AA 2011 worlds AA 2012 russian cup 2012 olympics TF

beam: 2009 jr international AA 2010 euros quals 2010 YOG AA 2011 russian cup 2011 worlds quals 2012 olympics quals

Also: her 7.3 routine where she unfortunately falls twice and an other very difficult routine where she falls but sticks her patterson

floor: 2008 pac rims 2009 EYOF 2009 voronin cup 2010 euros AA 2010 YOG AA 2011 worlds quals 2011 voronin cup 2012 olympics AA


je suis malade
parfaitement malade
tu m’as privé de tous mes chants
tu m’as vidé de tous mes mots
pourtant moi j’avais du talent avant ta peau